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Saturday Night

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The new album is called 'Saturday Night' and was released in November on the new CMR Hot Label, a division of Django Promotions and a network of radio stations. It got to number one on the British Country charts and the number one on the Christian charts.

Songs Include:-
1) Saturday Night - Fast Tempo
2) Diamond Love - Slow Tempo
3) At the Funfair - Fast Tempo
4) Getting Nowhere - Slow Tempo
5) Just Give Me One Beautiful Girl On A Horse With Some Lemonade - Fast Tempo
6) Thank You Very Much - Mid Tempo
7) House Full Of Love - Slow Tempo
8) I Can See Clearly Now - Mid Tempo
9) Somebody’s In Love - Slow Tempo
10) You Lied I Cried - Fast Tempo
11) Temptation My Heart - Mid Tempo
12) Gypsies - Slow Tempo